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Get More from the BFCN Jobs Board

BFCN has been around, helping coaches find employment in the wide world of football, since 2017. Some of those members have been there from the beginning. There have been a few changes and improvements over the years. But are you making the most of your membership? You may not be aware of the following.

The first thing is that the jobs are found here, where it says 'Jobs Board.'

Don't laugh, as I've genuinely had to send such a message several times when a new member has said they can't find the jobs.

The next thing is that the jobs abroad are also found on the jobs board. All the jobs are in the same place, just categorised by region. This was a change coaches had been asking for for several years, as we were posting more and more jobs on the site, it became harder to find the ones that appealed most to you.

As we are viewed as the best place for British and Irish coaches to find coaching jobs abroad, several of our members kindly recommend us to colleagues and friends, who go straight to the 'Coaching Abroad' section, which is information about coaching abroad, not the jobs themselves. All the jobs are on the jobs board.

We're always expanding the coaching abroad section. This is where you can find more detailed information on several countries, while also being able to look for interviews and articles from coaches that have been there. You get to hear it directly from the horse's mouth. Have a browse of this page. It's absolutely brilliant. A collection of stories and insights from seventy countries so far, from coaches to have worked in a variety of roles, at all levels of the game. Their insight and candidacy is truly invaluable.

Once you get to the jobs board, you'll see several categories. We're hoping to make more use of the message board over the summer, as social media users are starting to be turned off. Twitter is losing usership, LinkedIn is pretentious, Instagram is self-indulgent and not really conducive to proper coaching conversations, and TikTok is such an assault on the senses it's almost unusable. This is why we offer a free option for BFCN membership, where coaches gain access to the message board, but not to the jobs or discounts. Those are still reserved for paying members.

Go into the 'Jobs & Opportunities' section and you'll find the different regions. We changed this in August 2022. If you'd like to view job adverts from before then, they're still on the board. These are found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. There are also years' worth in the 'Pre-Virus Opportunities' section.

Here's how it looks in the North America section. You'll find jobs there from USA, Canada, Mexico, and other parts of Central America and the Caribbean. Like any region, certain countries dominate the listings. USA with their massive population, the English language, and decades old practices of importing British coaches, obviously have the most listings. The jobs are listed chronologically, and also not the location.

Now let's say you really want a job in Asia. What you can do is this...

Click on 'Following' and you'll be notified by email every time a job is posted in the Asia category. Like this...

By enabling these updates, it saves you time scrolling, and has the positions delivered straight to your inbox. Provided you're a BFCN member, that is.

If you're looking for work anywhere, and don't necessarily want to have your job browsing separated by region, there's a way to view all the jobs together. At the top here, where it says 'All Posts' you'll be able to view all the jobs, one after the other, without having them separated by location.

That will take you to a page that looks like this...

Now, are you aware that we also have an app...?

It's a free app, provided by Wix Spaces, and has several great features for job browsing.

If you're reading this on your mobile, you can click here to get the app. The invite code to join BFCN on Spaces is 60LDVE. This will make browsing jobs so much simpler and less time consuming.

Here's a screen recording to show how it works.

Even better, is that you can listen to all BFCN podcast interviews, that's all 117 episodes so far, going all the way back to the Matt Ward days. As well as read all BFCN articles from the last six years. What more could you want?

We hope this makes your job searching a little easier. We're run by coaches, for coaches, so we're always looking for ways to enhance the experience of football coaches. For one thing, this is why we don't bombard coaches with ads and pop-ups. We feel the user experience for BFCN is one that is relatively hassle-free. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

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