Mexico City

Mexico City


It doesn't just have to be a fantasy or a holiday destination. It can be home. We'll tell you all about it on this page, as well as linking you to those in the know. You don't have to be stuck in the same old same old. 


A football mad city in a football mad country. There is plenty to see and do in Mexico City, a world mega city full of art, history, culture, food, and most importantly, football. You'll definitely be kept busy, as a day in the world's fifth largest city is never boring. With some of the friendliest and most welcoming people you could ever hope to meet, you'll be treated like family from day one. There's always a party, an event, or a gathering to be had, and always excellent food and drink to be enjoyed at such occasions.


The facts...


Where is Mexico City?

Mexico City is located within the mountains in central Mexico, within the Distrito Federal, encompassed by Estado de Mexico, around four to five hours drive in either direction from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The city is well connected throughout the Americas.

Basic Facts

  • Mexico has four timezones, with most of the country matched with Mexico City, which is six hours behind London.

  • Over the course of 700 years, Mexico City has evolved from an Aztec city on a lake, into one of the largest, wealthiest, most populated and most important metropolises on the planet.

  • The city is located at 2.2km above sea level.

  • The three big clubs of Mexico City are Pumas UNAM, Cruz Azul, and the biggest of them all, Club America.

  • Mexico City was the first city to host a FIFA men's World Cup twice.

  • Mexico uses the same plugs as the USA.

More Facts

  • The level of English spoken around the city is very high. Some basic phrases in Spanish will go a long way.

  • A few times throughout the year there will be pollution warnings, where people are urged to stay inside. School and club sport will be cancelled for those days.

  • The overwhelming majority of Mexicans are Catholic.

  • The class divide in the city is very noticeable, being very easy to determine the haves from the have nots.

  • There are plenty of bank holidays throughout the year, known as "puentes" meaning you get to enjoy manty three day weekends.

  • Traffic is on another level. What we have in the UK cannot be described using the same word. 

  • Mexico City has the most taxis in the world, being fairly cheap and easy to obtain. Many citizens use taxis as their primary mode of transport for all purposes.


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The visas...


Getting a work visa for Mexico is a fairly straight forward and largely hassle free experience. Some opportunities will likely bring you in on a tourist visa, and may never apply for your temporary residence (residente temporal). It's not a hot issue for government officials, so they're not really bothered about westerners coming into the country to work while on a tourist visa. These jobs will likely pay you in cash, or via deposits into a savings account. It's much better for yourself to gain the temporary residence, as it gives you the right to be in the country for a much longer time. We got ours after a three day trip to Costa Rica and a brief interview in the Mexican consulate. It offers you more protection as a worker and makes things a little more above board.


Types of Work Visas in Mexico

The National Institute of Immigration oversees all immigration in Mexico and issues work visas. Any foreigner who wants to work in the country must obtain a visa. For example, those working for Mexican companies need a residency visa with permission to work. Individuals working for a foreign company in Mexico for less than six months can instead get a visitor’s visa with permission to work.

Mexico has three different visas:

  • Tourist visa: Individuals with a tourist visa can stay in Mexico for up to 180 days for anything besides lucrative activities such as paid employment.

  • Temporary resident visa: This visa is for foreign nationals who want to live in Mexico for more than 180 days. In addition to the Mexico work permit, people with a temporary resident visa can live and work in the country for up to four years with a Mexico work visa.

  • Permanent resident visa: Foreigners looking to live and work in Mexico permanently need a permanent resident visa. People with close family ties in the country or those who have lived in Mexico for a long time can also apply for the permanent resident visa.

Requirements to Obtain Mexico Work Visas

Most employees accepting a position with your location in Mexico will need a permanent resident visa known as the Visa de Residencia Permanente. However, not all employees will meet the requirements, as they need to have family connections in the country, sufficient monthly income, or four years of regular status as a temporary resident. It may be wise for companies to apply for a temporary resident permit for employees who have been invited to Mexico to work or have real estate or close family ties in the country.

While some of the requirements differ between the two options, some common documents required include the following:

  • Visa application form

  • Valid passport

  • Copy of migratory document

  • Photo ID

  • Invitation from a public or private institution

  • Proof of finances, education, employment, and relationship with a Mexican citizen

Application Process

Foreign nationals looking to work in Mexico for more than six months need a temporary resident visa with approval to work. This setup requires you, as the employer, to apply at the Mexican Institute of Immigration. If approved, the employee must apply for the relevant visa at the Mexican consulate in the applicant’s resident company. Once you or the employee receives word that the visa application is accepted, the employee must visit the consulate to get the necessary visa within 15 days.

This entire procedure gives employees a temporary resident visa, along with permission to work, that’s valid for 180 days. After arriving in Mexico, the employee has 30 days to register with their local immigration office and receive a temporary resident card, which is valid for up to four years. After the card expires, the individual has to either obtain a permanent resident visa or move from Mexico.

Other Important Considerations

While it’s possible to convert a temporary resident visa into a permanent resident visa, foreigners with a visitor status cannot convert it to work status. Individuals who have a company they want to work for in Mexico can apply for a work permit and stay in the country until they get the permit at the consulate of their home country. They must leave Mexico to collect the permit, and they can then apply for a residence visa.

Info taken from globalization-partners.com


In their own words...


Why did you choose Dubai?

  • Positive destination and good opportunity for salary and full time coaching.

  • Because they have a vision.

  • The weather and lifestyle is great, along with the fact it is safe.

  • More facilities for sports.

  • Seemed like a place where football had the opportunity to grow.

What is the best thing about living in Dubai?

  • The opportunity to meet new cultures and different people, and the weather of course is fantastic.

  • The salary is good. Overall lifestyle is great. Meeting different nationalities and people from different backgrounds. The cleanliness of the whole place.

  • The weather in the winter period, and the ability to travel from Dubai airport.

  • Multi cultural society, changing landscape and opportunities.

What took some getting used to after moving to Dubai?

  • Adapting to the culture and you are very much there to work. It’s a very work driven culture and expect a lot. Also, Summers of 48 degrees!

  • The crazy roads out here! No one indicates.

  • The Dubai life style. Back in the UK you have to do everything yourself. Out in Dubai, everything is done for you.

  • The summer heat.

  • Coaching a range of nationalities within a squad and the desire to win outweighs all else.

What is the standard of football like in Dubai?

  • Depends on what academy you’re working with. Most academies have their “high performance” groups as they like to call it. That is a very similar standard your good/very good kids in UK.

  • There is also a lot of recreational based sessions so be expected to work with all abilities (foundation). These type of sessions will more than likely make up your session load. Lots of engagement/fun based sessions to help improve FUNdamentals.

  • Its good but its lower than UK standard!

  • Asian; acceptable. Globally; they have taken advanced steps.

  • It is okay. Not as competitive as Europe or the UK. But still has players who understand the game.

  • Within the Pro League - better than people think. Under that it is vary varied. Some top ex-pros playing in amateur leagues for fun. Private academies using it as a springboard for Europe, all in the same league as Sunday league shitkickers.

  • Differs. There is a lot of grassroots school schools/mass participation. But there are a lot of talented, smart players here.

What are some key cultural differences in Dubai that someone may need to beware of before moving?

  • You need an alcohol licence if you are a resident. There are certain laws around marriage etc. Who you know goes a long way over there. Very much money focused place in a thriving environment.

  • Football is pretty much commercial based over there so competing from a business/marketing prospective with other academies. Be prepared for some discussions around marketing/business strategy to increase participation.

  • Be respectful and don't be seen drunk on the streets of Dubai.

  • Islamic country, but very liberal and modern. Just respect the laws, as you would back in your own country.

  • In the Pro League, Div 1, Div 2 you cannot treat match officials like they are in the UK. The disrespect could get you into a lot of trouble, especially for using loud swearing.


Have you been able to forge a social life in Dubai?

  • Yes lots of expat groups and lots of community based groups.

  • Yes! Its easy to make new mates and have a social life.

  • Not really. But is to do with myself. But others can easily forge a social life, especially through football.

  • I work a lot with the local population. Throughout my 5 years here I have been to 1 brunch. I see so many Brits waste their times and money there getting drunk. Due to the climate it can then take 3-4 days to fully recover from a hangover. If you put the hard work in, genuinely help people through your work and take opportunities whilst other people are loving their social time, you get ahead. That’s not to say it’s all work no play. I turned my work into play and I get involved in amazing experiences that I cannot back home; camel racing, falcon racing, desert camping, jet skiing etc.

  • Yes, huge expat community that is extremely welcoming.

How safe and welcome do you feel in Dubai?

  • Very safe to be there. You feel very protected and great standard of housing and schooling if company help you.

  • Very safe. Uber gets me from A to B for less than £20.

  • Safest place on the planet for me and especially women too.

  • From my previous experience I think it's amazing.

  • Very safe and welcome.

  • I’m from the UK, I’ve visited 50 countries. I live in New Zealand and I can tell you the UAE is the safest country I’ve visited. Switzerland and Iceland would be next.

  • Really its a safe country.

  • 4th country I’ve coached and worked in and Dubai is by far the safest!

What changes do you see happening in the future of Dubai football?

  • Lots of football academies and some very good progressive academies. More qualifications and openings/partnerships with local professional clubs.

  • Great opportunity to go and develop in a fanatic place.

  • More sports academies an bigger complexes being built.

  • Right now, not that much. The city and the country are not sports minded like the UK. There is no proper pyramid structure or grassroots leagues.

  • The FA has just allowed foreign ownership of clubs in its two top divisions for the first time ever this season, with Gulf Heroes and Dubai City FC participating in Division 1.

  • More foreign ownership of clubs, more foreign players. This could mean more spectators at games if for example Dubai City FC (British ran club) markets itself well with the Brit Ex-pat community.

  • The standard of play will also increase as Non-EU passport holders in particular Brazilians and Africans use this place as a means of getting a UAE resident permit as it’s then easier to get an EU tourist visa to go on trial in Europe.

  • Landscape of football is massively shifting in Dubai. Been fortunate to be at the heart of it and the changes have massively affected grassroots roots and now affecting UAE FA.

If you had to convince someone to come to Dubai, what would you tell them?

  • I was there for 5 years and never looked back. To work FT in football with a diverse audience was great. I learned a lot about myself by just doing it. Day off at the beach on your doorstep isn’t a bad shout ether.

  • I progressed from head coach to academy manager within 4 years of being there.

  • Take the risk! After the first week, you'll thank me!

  • A place to make dreams come true.

  • It is a nice place, quality of life is so much more better.

  • Even 1 year of work here will change your outlook on life and your range of skills that you can use within your work for the future - BUT ONLY if you get out of the expat bubble.

  • Best place to work and live.

  • Best advise I would ever give a young coach is to leave the UK and work abroad. Dubai is the perfect place for this due to the environment.

What are some of the misconceptions you have been presented with in regards to Dubai?

  • Financially can be difficult to set up. Lots of deposits required upfront and very expensive lifestyle to keep up with (my advice would be to by entertainer voucher).

  • 12,000 AED looks a lot on paper for example but it definitely takes time to adapt how expensive it is to be over there. Get use to £5 for margarine for example.

  • People saying its strict when its really not! Everyone is polite and helpful!

  • That it is hot all year round. That is not true. Only 4 months of the year. The other 8 months, it is great weather, if not perfect!

  • UAE Nationals are all obese and lazy. There are some top local players and a massive fitness/endurance sports scene here that’s driven by the locals. Whilst most of the Brits are hiding inside AC and sleeping off hangovers people are exercising in 40 degrees and 80% humidity in the summer.


The jobs...

Academies/Soccer Schools

There are many private academies operating in Dubai, as well as soccer schools which are often franchises of big European clubs, such as Juventus. Check out our friends at Elite Sports Academy and SoccerKids Dubai. Some of these opportunities will recruit from the UK, and some will require you to already be local. This is why sometimes moving across as a PE teacher is a good route, because it allows you to look for coaching opportunities in your spare time, and you can be more selective about who you work for. Many coaches have initially gone across as tourists, staying for long periods of time, and then finding work that keeps you there. If applying from abroad, the company will likely be your visa sponsor, as well as providing travel and accommodation. A level 2 (C license) is usually the minimum requirement (although some have gone with lower). A B license is best, with some prior experience abroad. For those wanting to progress along the coaching pathway with higher licenses, there are now more and more opportunities provided by the FA for coaches in the Middle East, as well as improving coach ed within the region.

Pro Clubs

The standard of the UAE pro league is growing. More international coaches and players are moving across every year, and Dubai is serious about investment in sport. In Dubai you have Al Nasr, Al Wasl, and Shabab Al Ahli. You may have heard of Al Ain from the Emirate of Al Ain, famously defeating River Plate before losing to Real Madrid in the final of the 2018 World Club Cup. Also check out Dubai City, a club that features many Brits, working their way up the leagues.

Pro clubs occasionally recruit throughout the year, for all positions from first team coaches, to academy staff, and all other positions such as analysts, sport scientists, and technical directors. Like in most parts of the world, opportunities in football still go to who you know more than what you know. This is why it's better to be on the ground in the location, impress locally, and then work your way up while making good connections.

PE Teaching

PE teaching for many is still seen as a doss. It's a serious job that requires a lot of time and effort, not quite getting the respect it deserves. There are many large private international schools in Dubai. These cater to quite well-to-do families, and as such, their facilities are often out of this world. As you can imagine, working as a PE teacher in an amazing place like Dubai is a very competitive market. Many of the professionals who work over there are great candidates, who perform good work and end up staying for many years. The pathway is to progress to Head of PE. Depending upon the school, the holidays can be good, and Dubai is an excellent place to travel from. Packages regularly include a good tax free salary upward of £2,000 per month, with accommodation and transport provided, health insurance, visas, a financial reward at the end of the contract, and likely a place in the school for a child or two. You'll need a PGCE and QTS as a minimum. It will also be beneficial to have a degree in a sport related subject, as well as some basic coaching qualifications.


Example of a PE teaching job at a secondary school:

Salary: Competitive tax free salary, furnished accommodation, premium medical and life insurance, work permit and residence visa, annual flight allowance, tuition fee concession, and End of Service Benefits

Full Time, Permanent

Start date: Immediate Placement

Suitable for newly qualified teachers (NQT)

Apply by31 Oct 2021

The International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes are at the heart of GEMS World Academy and are internationally renowned as rigorous and challenging courses in which students develop rapidly both personally and academically. The IB Programme is widely considered the gold standard of education, and GEMS World Academy is looking for talented and innovative individuals to join our highly successful team of over 130 teachers, 80 teaching assistants and 40 administrative and support staff and to contribute to the already successful outcomes for our community.



Our Physical Education department has transformed student outcomes and succeeded in inspiring a love of learning PE at GEMS World Academy, through the dedication of staff, their exceptional subject knowledge, and the department’s forward-thinking approach to the curriculum. The PE department is highly regarded among our student body for the care and personal support offered to students. We are now looking for an innovative Physical Education Teacher to join this successful team on an immediate basis.

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience of the IB, G6 - G12, and a proven track record of successful and varied teaching. Genuine alignment with the philosophy of the IB and the values embodied in the Learner Profile are essential, as is a passion for working in our truly diverse community. In addition, we seek a candidate with:  

  • A certified professional teaching qualification at degree level, such as B. Ed, PGCE, PGDE or equivalent with a specialism in Physical Education  

  • A minimum of 3 years varied and demonstrable experience teaching PE across secondary school levels

  • Experience ideally within an IB curriculum school, however, this is not mandatory  

  • Immediate availability  

  • The experience, personality and educational philosophy to continue to drive the education agenda at this flagship GEMS World school with an international student body  

  • The desire to provide outstanding teaching and learning  

  • Aspiration to work in a world-class school with real prospects for enhancing their career


An excellent remuneration package is available for successful candidates including; a competitive tax-free salary, furnished accommodation, premium medical insurance and life insurance, working permit and residence visa, annual flight allowance, tuition fee concession, and other benefits in line with the UAE Labour Law. In addition to these, we offer:  

  • The opportunity to shape the future of a highly significant IB programme. The IB Programme at GEMS World Academy is unique and exciting  

  • A collaborative team with an excellent support system  

  • An excellent programme of continuing professional development  

  • Training with the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) for teachers delivering the IB  

  • The chance to shape the future of the subject in collaboration with the leadership team, external education professionals, and exam boards  

  • The opportunity to develop personally and professionally, structured performance management, and opportunities to advance to positions of greater responsibility  

  • A commitment to staff wellbeing, including access to all of our sports facilities, weekly fitness sessions, and staff social events  

  • GEMS Rewards, which offers a package of benefits for staff such as retail discounts, savings on gym membership, cinema tickets and many other offers


GEMS World Academy-Dubai (GWA) is a private, co-educational IB World School for PreK to Grade 12 students. Established in 2008 as a member of GEMS Education, the Academy is authorised to deliver the PYP, MYP, DP and CP programmes, and is also accredited by the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). We serve a multi-ethnic community in the heart of Dubai. Our ethos is grounded in the IB Learner Profile; we encourage intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, and foster a real sense of communal endeavour. The Academy has gained national and international recognition for its work to improve outcomes for students, as well as its aspirational and inclusive vision. As a member of the GWA community, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of the Academy whilst working alongside an exceptionally talented group of teachers and leaders.

GEMS World Academy-Dubai develops inquiring, reflective and caring learners who, through the rigor of the IB programmes have the knowledge, skills and character to take action and create a better, more peaceful world. Supported by highly qualified staff in world-class facilities, our diverse international community is encouraged to develop intercultural understanding and respect. Our aim is to be a world-class IB school that maximises every student’s learning and character to enable them to choose their own successful path, and positively contribute to the local and global society.



Trusted for over 60 years and now a third generation education family, GEMS Education began in a single school room in Dubai. Today, we have the privilege of educating over 190,000 students from over 176 countries through GEMS owned and managed schools globally. Over 270,000 students access resources through our services division, and we will have impacted 20 million students by the end of 2020 through the initiatives of our charity partner; the Varkey Foundation.

If you are excited by this opportunity and are keen to apply please ensure to mention in your cover letter if you will be travelling with a teaching partner and what subject/year groups they are qualified to teach.

We are committed to safeguarding children and promoting their welfare. We expect all staff to share this commitment. The post is subject to an enhanced check.

For further details about GEMS World Academy, Dubai please visit: https://www.gemsworldacademy-dubai.com


Example of a coaching job

Role Football Coach

Reporting to Venue Coordinator

Overview Working on behalf of FutAcademy and supporting a prestigious private school in Mexico

City under the direction of the Football Coordinator and Athletics Department, the

Football Coach will plan, prepare and deliver football coaching sessions in accordance

with the curriculum, methodology and philosophy set out by the Football Coordinator.

You will be required to work after school hours, and weekends, forming part of a

coaching team that trains with different age groups from 4yrs - 18yrs and competes in

regular in-house, external leagues and tournaments.


Salary Up to $14,000mxn pesos per month

+ Housing allowance of $5000mxn per month

+ Private medical insurance

+ Flight allowance of $7500mxn (paid upon successful completion of contract)

Hours Full-time – 37.5 hours per week, between the hours of 06:30 – 20:00 predominantly in

the afternoons and to include most weekends.


Roles & Responsibilities

General Duties Promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young persons for whom you

are responsible and with whom you come into contact.

To plan, prepare and deliver football sessions in accordance with the curriculum,

method and philosophy of the coaching venue.

To lead both competitive and recreational matches during in-house tournaments,

external leagues and local and national tournaments.

Admin & Support To assist with all football activities as detailed by the company which may include

evening and weekend events as well as occasional major events outside regular

working hours.

• Assistance to Company Directors and the venue management in the preparation and

provision of equipment and facilities in support of the football program.

• Liaising with the cleaning contractor and staff responsible for events to ensure that

the cleanliness and safety is maintained.

• Maintain the storage of equipment and resources.

• Prepare sports facilities ready for handover to staff in charge of evening lettings.

• Dealing with problems, complaints or breakages as necessary.

• Promotion of sporting and extra-curricular opportunities.

• Attendance at coaching professional development days.


Health & Safety Be aware of the venue’s own H&S policies and procedures, in particular the Standard

Operating Procedures (SOP & EAP) Emergency Action Plan and Conditions of Use and

ensure these are adhered to by all users.

Ensuring health and safety procedures and practices are understood and the correct

procedures are followed.




To be available to substitute PE activities in schools when necessary. *Extra payment

per day

Liaise with the Facilities Assistant, Senior Caretaker and Grounds Manager over

bookings and use as necessary.

Any other reasonable activities as determined by the Company Directors or Venue



Person Specification

Experience ESSENTIAL

F.A. Level 2 Certified (or equivalent).

Current valid CRB check.

First Aid Qualified.

Valid Child Protection Certificate.

2 years experience of coaching in a

youth football setup.

Native English Speaker.



FA Youth Modules (or equivalent).

University graduate in a sports related field.

Experience of working in a school.

Experience of leading PE activities within


Experience of having worked abroad in a

sports environment.

Skills Excellent interpersonal, communication and customer service skills, with the ability to

interact effectively with players, staff, senior management and visitors.

Sound initiative with the confidence and the resilience to see a job through to completion

and to seek direction and guidance when needed.

Competent IT skills with intermediate level MS Office skills is desirable.

Good literacy and numeracy skills with excellent attention to detail.

Good administrative and organisational skills with the ability to organise and prioritise


Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure

Attributes An interest in sport/sporting activities.

Discretion, courtesy, honesty and integrity.

Reliable, punctual, and hard-working.

Smart, professional and presentable.

Ability to work as part of a team.

Training Preparedness to undertake training and development, as required, particularly in

relation to the introduction of new technologies.

Attendance at Professional Development Clinics.


Articles and interviews...


Read about and listen to those who have been there and done it. Learn from their successes and failures. The best coaches are often the most happy to share and empower others. Here are a handful who know Dubai well.

Over 12 Years at Southampton FC & Landed at Dubai City FC - Sam White

Neil Ormond's Coaching Journey - Current Destination Dubai

#82 BFCN #56 Coaching in Dubai - Conor Doyle (also available on YouTube)