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China ClubFootball


Established in 2001, China ClubFootball is one of China’s biggest grassroots football providers, and a licensed joint-venture. Managed by UK nationals, ClubFootball operates a football development programme for Chinese and international children in Beijing, and operates junior league competitions and coach education programmes for local teachers and coaches. ClubFootball also regularly provides an on-the-ground presence on China projects for a variety of partners including the Premier League, Nike, and the British Council.

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What's it like to coach in China?

Read Wikitravel's China page.

• 3-level player-centred Skills Development Programme.

• For boys and girls aged 3+ of all abilities.

• Venues across Beijing & Tianjin.

• In partnership with schools, playing facilities and CF partners.

• After-school, evening and weekend sessions.

• Coached in English with Chinese assistant translators.

• 3500 players coached in 2018, 35+ partner venues and locations.

• Progressive development pathway for players of all ages and levels.

• PE classes, tournaments, events & camps.

Beijing in is a vibrant and international city; the ClubFootball Office is based in the Lido area of the city in the north-east of the centre. Western malls and restaurants are nearby and coaches can live, eat and socialise as locally or as internationally as they choose to!

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What do you need to get into China?

Visa Requirements:

To meet work permit application criteria, coaches are expected to have a degree, FA Level 2+ certificate and a minimum of 2 years full-time coaching experience. Coaches without a degree or with lesser experience / FA certs may be eligible if they have considerable experience or additional qualifications to support their application.

Foreign workers need a Z Visa.

Coaching Requirements:

Motivated, enthusiastic and committed coaches who are passionate about working with young players of all levels

• Focused on professional and personal development, keen to contribute to CF’s growing coaching team and develop on & off the pitch

• FA Level 2 minimum, or equivalent (candidates with Level 1 + exceptional experience or coaching degree may apply)

• 2+ yrs full-time coaching experience required

• Degree preferred (for work permit application)

• ACRO/CRB required

• Additional experience with coach education or PE teaching desirable but not essential.

• Experience outside the UK advantageous

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Founded in 2001, one of Beijing’s oldest grassroots football organisations

• Fully-licensed joint-venture company

• Managed by UK nationals

• 30 full-time and 40 part-time staff

• Programmes in Beijing & Tianjin, and occasional projects across China

• Our Chinese name is “Beijing Wanguo Qunxing FC” (万国群星足球俱乐部) which literally means “10,000 lands become stars FC”.

• This ‘old Chinese-style’ name references our aim to give as many people in China as possible the chance to fall in love with football and become ‘stars’ in their own right, with their own team, coach, and coaching programme for their level.

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Working with ClubFootball With the approval of the Chinese Football Association & Beijing Football Association, ClubFootball (CF) was established in 2001 as Beijing’s first foreign-invested football enterprise. Our mission is to develop grassroots football by building and operating an inclusive network for kids, schools, clubs and partners & sponsors.

Why work for China ClubFootball?

  • Flight reimbursed 30% on arrival and 70% on completion of contract.

  • Assistance with visa/work-permit application

  • 40-hr working week (15-18 hrs on-pitch time)

  • 1 full day and 2 half-days off per week in ‘peak seasons’, 2 days per week in off-peak times

  • Net salary 1500-2000 GBP per month, depending on qualifications, experience and performance

  • Kit and equipment provided via Nike sponsorship

  • Taxi and travel to/from sessions reimbursed

  • Assistance in finding a flat and settling-in!

  • Re-signing bonus for subsequent agreements


ClubFootball coaches are generally offered an initial 9-month or 15-month contract, with longer term contracts and promoted posts available at the end of these contracts, based on performance.

Read this article from Alex Arnold, and this article from Sam Hough.

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Continued Professional Development

• Internal coach mentoring system.

• Weekly practical and theoretical CPD sessions both where coaches given the chance to deliver as well as participate.

• Regular feedback and evaluations by peers and management.

• Additional roles and responsibilities available depending on experience, qualifications and performance.

• Leave for qualifications for AFC licenses in Singapore, as well as links with UK FA’s for courses.• Progress / promotion through the company and extended contracts available based on performance, experience and qualifications.

ClubFootball’s CPD and mentoring programmes are overseen by Director of Football Alex Arnold. He has rich experience educating and mentoring coaches throughout the world while working with Liverpool FC, and across China since joining CF in 2013. The CPD programme supports and educates, while allowing coaches to develop both themselves and others.

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