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Gary is in Palomino, a small town on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. He shares his experiences regarding his new project in Colombia, and talks a little about adjusting to a completely different pace of life to New York.

Colombia - Gary Philpott 

Cameron has been working for Ascent Soccer in Lilongwe, Malawi. We learn about adjusting to a new life in a country many are unaware of, how to cope with the challenges the locality presents, and gasp at the difficulty of obtaining cheese.

Malawi - Cameron Herbert

A coach to have worked in many nations, Jess is now technical director for the Samoa Football Federation. Find out what life is like on a remote Pacific island, and how such constraints need to be considered into developing football.

Samoa - Jess Ibrom

BFCN Shorts

Available for free to listen on YouTube and your favourite podcast apps. BFCN Shorts is a new short-form series of interviews where we learn about different locations from all around the world. It's a big bright world out there, full of opportunities. Sometimes it can look a little scary, maybe even overwhelming, and good, relevant information can be hard to find. We talk culture, living, employment, and football.

Where do you want your coaching journey to take you? Don't let fear stand in your way. Listen to the insights and experiences of these excellent coaches. Most of whom will be happy to speak to you further if you would like to delve even deeper.

California - Lloyd Marshall

​Lloyd talks to us about his six years in California, shedding light on the football infrastructure, and what there is to do for fun. Lloyd has spent time around San Diego, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley.

Saudi Arabia - Tim Jones

Tim was at Juventus Academy Saudi Arabia in Jeddah. We learn about adjusting to the rules and the climate of such a country, and how the heat and culture affects the football. This one went on for a little longer than intended, which just gives you more to enjoy.

Costa Rica - Duncan Spalding

With fourteen years of experience in the central American nation, Duncan Spalding gives us the inside scoop on Costa Rica. Learn about the small country's passion for football, and adapting to life in this faraway land.

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