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Introducing Tactic

Easy to use, cost-effective yet powerful 3D telestration for Coaches, Clubs and Scouts who want to highlight a player or tactical principle in a graphical way, producing stunning visual presentations. 3D graphics combined with the easiest possible workflow make Tactic the perfect telestration tool.

Using your existing Mac or Windows laptop to run Tactic (hardware requirements on website), no specialist hardware is required so you can be up and running in no time; it’s that easy. Graphics can be easily placed and are automatically keyed to produce professional results with
minimal effort. Tactic includes a Presenter Interface allowing a coach to replay from a touch screen interface or tablet, delivering an interactive presentation that will capture attention. Tactic ownership is easy too. RT Software provides monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions meaning there is a Tactic product and pricing solution to suit any budget and any length of time

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Virtually no learning curve
It really is that easy to use. The intuitive nature
of Tactic means that it can be used straight away. For those that want to become expert users, Tactic
provides Video Tutorials, covering all the features.

Use graphics to make players stand out
Using circles, shafts of light, and other graphics, make players standout when being presented to
coaches, scouts, and other decision makers. Use our metrics to measure speed, distance, and many

Export quickly and easily
With a simple export procedure, analysis sequences with all animations can be exported as a clip in
any standard format to be replayed anywhere, laptop, tablet or phone.

About RT Software

About RT Software
RT Software are an established graphics solutions company who have been working with leading broadcasters like the BBC, Sky Sports, BT Sport, ITV, ESPN, Fox and many others since 2004. What defines us is our ability to add graphics to video clips to highlight action or explain gameplay.

Our products for the sports professional market have evolved from the original top-end analysis tools, used on-air, to encompass much easier to use analysis tools, through to powerful data visualisation solutions for recruitment and team

We are proud to have worked alongside some of the biggest names in the professional sports world to create these tools.

In the last 36 months we have developed our Tactic suite of products: Lite, Advanced and Pro, to cater to the needs of every level of coaching and performance analysis from amateur to the highest professional level. Tactic is currently used by Brentford, Villarreal, Seville, alongside the football associations of Spain, Italy, Wales and the Republic of Ireland.

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