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Session Videos


This is the page where you will find videos of exercises and sessions from the BFCN philosophy. We will add to these over time. All of these can be found on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page. Videos are separated into the different sections, which you can see below.

Our videos are made using the excellent Sport Session Planner.

Rondos/Possession Games

Each coach has there own definition, deciding what constitutes a rondo or a possession game. Rather than arguing about it, we'll just tell you this is where you'll find exercises that are great at helping players maintain possession, and work on their abilities to pass and receive. The first video introduces some basic concepts to use when planning your rondos.

Across the River

Three teams, three zones. Blue have to play the ball across to white, playing through the reds. Reds have to do their best to prevent the ball being played between them. If reds steal the ball, they switch with the team that lost possession.

Begin the exercise with everyone locked in their zone, and the ball not allowed overhead height. Both the attacking teams (blue and white) to set up in a W shape.

Defending Team: Protect the middle channel and prevent the ball from being played forward. Passes from blue to white cannot go overhead height. Score in the goal defended by the team you stole the ball from. Switch with that team if a goal is scored.

Coaching Points: Play away from pressure. Be half-turned to see the ball, the opposition, and your next pass. Keep moving the ball laterally to move the opposition. Play forward when it is safe to do so.

Fun Games for Young Players

These exercises are aimed at introducing young players to the game of football, with simple, fun, interactive, competitive games.

Kick the Coach

This game is a great laugh and will engage your young footballers. Coach has to run around the area while the players try to kick balls and hit Coach below the knee. Set a time limit of sixty seconds, and provide the players with lots of different challenges to improve their striking abilities.

Four Goal Game

This is a brilliant game for players to enjoy. Lots of goals, lots of touches, lots of repetitions, lots of fun. The focus could be on shooting, passing, defending, or goalkeeping. Everything that happens in the game happens here. It's easy to include all sorts of challenges and coaching points.


This fun game has all players dribbling with a ball, and are awarded points for their accuracy. This works as a shooting, passing, and dribbling game. Who gets the most points? You can add bonus points to incentivise things like weak foot, disguised passes, or using different parts of the foot to pass. Players should be encouraged to shield, hide, and protect the ball to avoid others from scoring points.

Goals on the Wing

Your players will enjoy all the goals they will score in this small sided game. Lots of shots, lots of crosses, and lots of goals! The goals are positioned in wide areas, creating more room and opportunity for players to get crosses into dangerous areas.

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