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BFCN Rondo Guide

We love a good rondo, don't we? But do we always know what we're doing? Are we just chucking our players into a game of keep-away because we've seen the pros do it, or do we understand the purpose behind it? Are we giving our players clear learning objectives? Are we doing something that actually translates to the game of football? With this Rondos Guide PDF we hope to add more clarity to your rondos and develop the skills of your players.

First of all, we look at the concepts involved in designing a rondo. Such as transitions. Too often in exercises, the defending team wins the ball and the game stops. This is unrealistic, as the game of football continues, and if we're not careful it will condition our players to stand still when possession is lost, and neglect counter attacking opportunities when the ball is won. Make sure to give your defenders a job, and that everyone involved has a way to win.

How are you rewarding the players? What kind of behaviour do you want to incentivise?

We look into the design of your rondo, and how making small adjustments to your exercise can completely change what happens within it and how the game is played. As seen above, it's the same players in the same size and shape area and all we've done is change the way the goals or the end zones are implemented and it significantly changes the technical and tactical demands of the exercise.

We look into the technical and tactical demands of the game and how these key fundamental principles should be used and cached within the rondos. Easy to understand diagrams and plans like the one above are used throughout the PDF.

Included are over 50 different rondos and possession games. What's key is that you don't copy these exercises verbatim, but adjust them to suit the needs of your players. Take the ideas you like, and implement them effectively in your environment.

This 121 page PDF is available here for £6 for non BFCN members. BFCN members can purchase for £3 with the discount which can be found in the members area.

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