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Welcome to the British Football Coaches Network.
f you're looking for coaching opportunities, to enhance your skills, or to network with other coaches, you're in the right place.


What is BFCN?

The British Football Coaches Network is a professional network. Our website hosts jobs and opportunities for our members, and allows coaches to grow their networks, learn about new roles, and interact with the communitity.


We post jobs within all levels of football from all across the world. We provide our members with discounts and other benefits. We can give our members valuable exposure across our social media pages, highlighting the good work they do. We support lots of football projects, giving back to the community. Our memberships are cheap, and we hide nothing from those members. Once you're in, you're in.

Are you searching for football coaching jobs?

If that's the case, you're in the right place! We post between 60-100 jobs on our board each month.

The jobs we post are within all levels of football, and are both domestic and international. Would you like to work in an academy? Would you like to work abroad? How about working within the pro game? You'll find all kinds of opportunities at BFCN.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Our membership is very affordable, with the most expensive option being £4.42 per month. We offer all kinds of discounts, including annual membership, student membership, and plenty of offers throughout the year.

  • Once you're in, you're in. We don't hide anything or keep content behind further pay walls. There are no gold, silver, bronze type jobs, and all application information is accessible, with no priority status for different members.. Once we've charged you, we don't then charge you again.

  • All jobs are coaching related. That's right. You need football coaching qualifications to apply for these jobs. We don't pad the board with opportunities in marketing, customer relations, administration etc. in order to give the appearance of more jobs. The types of jobs you'll find are; academy coach, head coach, assistant coach, strength & conditioning coach, scout, analyst, goalkeeper coach, futsal coach, director of football, head of academy, community coach, camp coach, coach educator, and many more.

  • We post jobs from abroad. These are the kind of jobs that BFCN members can apply for, and is likely the most popular part of the site. Where have you dreamed of coaching? USA? Canada? Dubai Abu Dhabi? Australia? Mexico? China? Ghana? How about Oman, Bahrain, Lithuania, Norway, France, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Barbados, Uzbekistan, Cayman Islands, Morocco, New Zealand? And that's not a complete list.

  • Our members gain exposure. We can provide social media posts, articles, and podcast episodes for our members. It's important to build your online presence, making yourself more competitive in the job market. Our global network is seen by thousands, and this could put you in good stead with potential future employers. We will highlight your good work to our audience, letting your abilities and achievements shine through.

  • We will support you. Going abroad to a new place can be tricky. Working within a new role can be daunting. It doesn't have to be. If we can't help, we will know someone that can. That's the power of the network. The members within BFCN have been there and done it, and we have plenty of helpful people on board. Life doesn't always go to plan, which is why we utilise the strength of our collective.


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