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What Goes On Inside the BFCN?

Here's a one off, 'one time only' look inside the British Football Coaches Network - an example of communications we have with our members.

Dear Coaches, Happy Saturday!

Upcoming Events

Tomorrow (Sunday) 10am UK time

Webinar discussion on 'coaching out of the comfort zone'. This is available to everyone and you can join here

(remember, this is our first Live webinar on a new platform, it may have some roughness to the smooth).

11th January 2018, 7.30pm UK time

Webinar Q&A with Guest speaker - Olav Versloot. Olav is a sports scientist and has worked with Ajax, AZ Alkmaar and Shanghai Shenxin. We will be discussing some differences between different country's approaches to Sports Science, value of getting training loads v rest correct, and listening to some wisdom. This is free for Premium Members and £5 for Non-Premium Members (contact us for payment details).

New Jobs Added!

6 New Jobs have been added and another recycled, due to it still being open.

Android Platform for App is Ready!

App is ready on the Android platform to download here XXXXXXXXXXX

Apple platform will be here within the next 2 days.

Lifetime Premium Membership Offer

Today is the last chance to sign up for lifetime Premium membership. It could be a while until this offer happens again. We've added over 70 jobs to our jobs board in the last 2 months, and that doesn't include the additional ones we've just sent through email and our private Facebook Group. We have now started receiving contact from different organisations to discuss possibilities of directly recruiting for them... great news for us all :-)

Sign up to our offer below..... WARNING: Please do not make any payment to us before signing up to the network here , If you do so and you don't qualify for our membership criteria, you will receive NO refund. Thank you.


Excellent news to hear that our Article with Kirsty McFarlane, was used in her club's match day programme (Clyde FC). Things like this are exactly why we started the BFCN in the first place. Great stuff!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

All the Best

The BFCN Team

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