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BFCN Shorts

We have a new short form interview series called BFCN Shorts.

What is it? It's a fifteen to twenty minute interview with a coach about a location in which they have worked. FIFA has 209 recognised member federations, so there's much of this beautiful world to explore. We talk to this who have been there and done it, reporting back to us a balanced, first-hand view of their experiences.

In typical podcast interviews, we can go into a lot more depth about a coach and their journey. In BFCN Shorts, we just stick to the topic at hand. No tangents. No messing about. Coaching abroad is an incredible experience, and many are able to make a life out of it. It can be scary going out into the big wide world alone. Perhaps you don't know the language, the culture, the customs, the weather, and have few, if any, contacts on the ground. Our ambition is to make the world seem a a little smaller, and use the fantastic, generous coaches within our network to help bring those locations to you.

Since 2017, BFCN has been producing articles and interviews with coaches who have been there and done it. Where do you want to go? Sweden? Australia? Belize? Ghana? Japan? Colombia? The world is your oyster. And it should no longer be scary to get there. With the communications technology we now experience in these modern times, it's easier and more comfortable than ever. We keep a record of all these articles and interviews here on our coaching abroad page. We want to make it like an encyclopaedia for coaches who want to work in different countries, and will continue to build pages to act as a guide for curious coaches whose dreams lie overseas.

We have two already. And you can enjoy them either on our YouTube channel BFCN TV, or by listening to the Developing Your Football World podcast.

Learn about Colombia with Gary Philpott.

Learn about California with Lloyd Marshall.

We have more guests lined-up for the next coming weeks, but we won't stop until the whole planet is covered. Would you like to be featured? If you have a spare fifteen minutes, send us a message either via social media DM, or an email to to tell us where you've been, and where you would like to talk about. It's so much fun to relive the memories and discover new parts of the world. Perhaps listening to another coach talk about a part of the world they've lived in could be what sways someone to take that job they've been hesitant about. Most coaches are also very candid and generous with their time, and won't mind other coaches reaching out to them to learn more.

Enjoy BFCN Shorts!

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