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BFCN Partners with ULearnbly

Partner Information:

Delighted to confirm we are partnering with, an online sports coach-education platform providing online courses, mentoring services and exclusive insight interviews with leading experts across all sports around the world.

ULearnbly will provide BFCN Members with unique discount offer of 50% off UL Exclusive Annual Subscription, using the BFCN50 coupon and a verified email address, along with further discounts relating to mentoring services, as well as offering a series of bespoke online courses and webinars, specific to BFCN Members around ‘Coaching Abroad’, ‘The Importance of Practice Design’, ‘Learning as Searching: Utilsing players scanning/visual search to develop decision makers’ and more! UL Exclusive Subscription is normally charged at £4.99/month or £50/Annually, and offers coaches access to all online courses, 1 bespoke mentoring session each quarter with Elite Coach Educator & Founder Gérard Jones and exclusive access to private pages and insight interviews with leading experts.

Why UL Exclusive? UL Exclusive provides coaches with the advantage of accessing all online content, mentoring and insights versus paying fees every time, for each course or mentoring session and without access to exclusive, premium content or insight interviews.

BFCN will shortly be communicating our first Webinar with UEFA A Licensed Coach and Founder of ULearnbly Gérard Jones, with the first session focusing on coaching abroad and drawing from Gérard’s vast experiences having worked in professional football in the UK as an Academy Coach, Head of Coaching and U21 Assistant at Rochdale, Bristol Rovers and Bradford City, to also working as a Director of Coaching and Coach Educator for clubs and US Soccer in the USA, to also coaching in Norway, Italy and New Zealand and most recently serving as an Elite Coach Educator with the Royal Moroccan Football Federation.

Background Information: What is ULearnbly? is an online educational platform for sports coaches, students and leaders where you can access high level online courses across a range of topics from practice design, opposition analysis, developing decision makers to unique insights in some of the best academies and methodologies in the world, bringing the gap between academic research and world-leading best practice! In addition, you can access bespoke, individualized mentoring and continuous development support, as well as exclusive insight interviews with leading experts across a range of sports, not just football!

Founded by Elite Coach Educator and FA UEFA A and Advanced Youth Award Licensed Coach Gérard Jones, Gérard has over 14 year’s experience working in the professional and grassroots game around the world, and has developed coaches with the FAW, SFA, UEFA, USSF, FRMF and CAF. He holds a Master of Science in Performance Coaching, is a Qualified Teacher and is currently studying a PhD in Skill Acquisition, investigating how coaches can use feedback to guide the attentional search of footballers, to develop more adaptable problem solvers and self-regulating footballers.

Follow ULearnbly and Gérard Jones on Twitter: @ulearnbly and @Gerard_Jones

BFCN Benefits:

Visit and during checkout, use BFCN50 coupon to receive your 50% discount on UL Exclusive Subscription and all mentoring services

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