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ESPZEN Academy Singapore - Coaches Needed!

As more applications are needed, we are opening this advertisement out to the public.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND - ONLY Coaches Under 30 years old and with a University Degree to apply due to visa restrictions.

**Salary to be discussed with employer once they receive your CV and contact you.

TITLE: Senior Coach and coaches


Off pitch responsibilities

• Course program design and preparation – Senior coach to support in the design and delivery of the ESPZEN technical program appropriate to the specified region, market and business model.

• Establishment, maintenance and growth of partner relations – Senior coach to provide support and guidance to local partners. Senior coach to provide a link between ESPZEN and its local partners through regular communication to both partners and the ESPZEN office. Senior coach, in liaison with Program Manager, is to formulate proposals and methods to develop new partnerships within Singapore and South East Asia.

• Support of current program – Senior coach to support the delivery of the ESPZEN program (Soccer School, Academy, parent sessions, presentations, schools provision) to ensure the long term development of ESPZEN within the region.

• Reporting – Senior coach to ensure task statuses are reported during team meetings and in accordance with the Program Manager.

On pitch responsibilities

Course set-up and preparation

• Session plans and pitch layout – Soccer coach to plan and deliver each coaching session in accordance with ESPZEN Coaching Syllabus. Session plan to fit within the technical program and be appropriate to the coaching groups’ age and ability. Pitch layouts to be designed for each session and shown to coaching team and ground staff (where applicable) prior to the start of the session.

• Health and safety – Soccer coach to ensure that all aspects of the coaching environment are safe for both staff and participants. Special attention to be taken on the playing surface and the anchorage of equipment

• Equipment – Soccer coach to ensure that all equipment is in good working order, maintained, clean and ready for use

• Course registration – Soccer coach to meet and greet all participants as they arrive prior to each and every coaching session. Soccer coach to support the registration process so that registration is quick and efficient.

Delivery of sessions

• Coaching staff support - Soccer coach to provide support for the local coaching team during the session in the form of guidance and advice where deemed necessary.

• Session delivery - Soccer coach to take a coaching group and coach them through the planned session. It is the responsibility of all coaching staff to ensure that sessions are well planned, fun, and informative and pitched at an appropriate level for the particular group. Taking note to keep tasks at achievable levels dependent on the group’s age and ability

• Session evaluation - Soccer coach to evaluate his/her sessions and the evaluations to be recorded in the individual’s coach reflection log book.

Customer Relations

• Children - Soccer coach to ensure that all participants are informed about course rules, content and timetable on an ongoing basis

• Parents - Soccer coach to ensure that all parents are informed about course rules, content and timetable on an ongoing basis. Soccer coach to work with ESPZEN marketing department on content for regular newsletter and ensure parents are kept updated on all relevant information.

• Evaluation - Soccer coach is responsible for distributing, collecting and evaluating exit feedback forms for each course

CORE COMPETENCIES: Work-related behaviors (job-specific: technical and universal) required most to achieve the core accountabilities for the position (the ‘how’). Encompasses the key dimensions of an overall competency model that collectively distinguishes superior from less than superior job performance: knowledge, skills, self-image, values, traits and motives. For appraisal purposes, this is the shortlist of differentiating competencies. For career development applications, assessment against a larger dictionary of competencies is important, given that each position has a unique set of core competencies.

Effective Communications Relates well to all kinds of people both outside and within the organisation, capable of building appropriate rapport - a good listener, uses diplomacy and tact.

Holds strong relationships with team members and customers.

Results Orientation. Must be self-motivated, keen to gain results and capable of working well under pressure to achieve goals and targets.

Must be capable of working alone confidently. Capable of using common sense and initiative to solve problems and work effectively.

Team Player Ability to recognize and respect the interdependent layers within ESPZEN. They are inclusive by nature, and know that a well-managed team can be more effective than people working independently. They intuitively learn and grow from other people.

Resource Efficiency and Multi-tasking Ability to recognise the financial value of ESPZEN resources and are skilled at allocating them for optimum profitability. Organised to make the best use of time, effectively handling a number of competing priorities.


Essential UEFA B License Certificate Youth Coaching Certificate Experience of coaching and working within a high performance professional academy Experience of working with young players between the age of 4 and 16 years Experience of planning and organizing soccer sessions Experience of team based coaching (5-a-side / 7-a-side / 9-a-side / 11-a-side) Excellent communication skills with children, parents, coaches, stakeholders Confident delivery Outgoing, fun personality Fit, motivated, appropriate role model for young children A passion for educating and working with children Excellent level of English First Aid Qualified Keeping abreast of the latest coaching techniques and principles Reliable, organised and punctual

Desirable Minimum of five years coaching experience Experience of organising tournaments and leagues Experience of developing talent Experience of coaching adults Knowledge of Dartfish software Managed influencers (parents, teachers), sponsors and business partners Strong Man-management skills

To learn more about ESPZEN Soccer School please visit

If you are interested in the role, please send your CV to

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