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It’s with great excitement to announce that the British Football Coaches Network (BFCN) has been taken over by Azteca Football Ltd. which is a move that will see the BFCN continue to develop and improve into the ongoing future.

Of course, although an exciting move for the better of the BFCN, there is some sadness of leaving something that I have seen grow from nothing over the past 4 years. With that said, as I continue to work with other projects and parts of my other businesses, I feel now is the right time for the BFCN to exchange hands which in turn, will enable it to offer an even better service for its members.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported myself and the network over the past years, a huge thank you to all of the faithful BFCN members and I would like to add most importantly, I have no doubt that under the umbrella of Azteca Football, the BFCN will become as strong as ever.

It should be noted that I will still be supporting the BFCN behind the scenes and working with the Director of Azteca Football, Will Wilson and his staff, to ensure that all contacts and opportunities will continue to be of benefit to the BFCN members. BFCN members will also continue to receive discounts on personal services I currently offer, and those which are coming up soon in the future.

Best wishes to all and keep reaching for the stars,

All the best

Matt Ward, Founder and former Director of the British Football Coaches Network

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