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Sport Session Planner: Aztecs 18th October

Are you looking for a better session planning software? Are you looking for a library of sessions to adapt and borrow? Would you like to animate and export your ideas?

The Southampton Aztecs are a women's futsal team playing in the FA National Futsal Series, and were last week featured on BT Sport. At BFCN we are proud to sponsor the team, as we attempt to do our part in growing the sport of futsal, and providing more footballing opportunities to women in the area. The Aztecs use SSP to plan their sessions, as well as send out pictures and clips to their players. Let's have a look inside.

This session is a basic 2v2 to two small goals, with a recovering defender. Below is the session in video form.

If you'd like to see the whole session plan and to play around the with diagrams to get a feel for SSP, you can do so by visiting this link. The SSP TeamSharing link is a brilliant way to share your ideas with coaches and players. All coaches and players can now see what the session looks like, and read the coaching points too. The TeamSharing link also allows for others to export the session as a PDF.

You can download the session yourself if you like from here.

2v2_Separation (1)
Download PDF • 168KB

What you'll notice at the top of the PDF is a QR code. Yes, that's right. So if you print off a copy of the PDF, take it to your session with you, and another coach likes your session, you can share it with them via scanning the QR code. Amazing, isn't it?

Any coaches already within the BFCN club on SSP will be able to view these sessions, plus any others that have been created from other club members. You too can join our BFCN session planning club. Are you already a member of both BFCN and SSP? Get in contact so we can get you in the club! You can import, adapt, and edit any sessions from our shared BFCN club, as well as the thousands of sessions that are shared publicly on the site.

What are the advantages of Sport Session Planner?

  • Football + Futsal. A coach can make their session appropriate to the sport.

  • Surface and area. Would you like to use the full pitch? Half a pitch? Just a box? You can even change the pattern of the grass to accentuate your ideas, or just look pretty.

  • Camera angle. You can zoom in and out, rotate, and choose lots of different areas of the pitch for your vantage point. Great for showing different ideas or concepts from the desired perspectives.

  • Bigger or smaller. All players and equipment can be made bigger or smaller, adjusting your players to the area, to make the session more realistic to your intended demands.

  • Player skins. The players are all 3D. There are men, women, and children. You can even edit their hair and boots, which is perfect for the individuality you may wish to use with your own players.

  • Videos. You can animate your session as a video. Perhaps you're not even creating a video, just a passage of play that you want to illustrate to show an idea to the players.

  • Languages. The session framework is available in multiple languages.

  • Public library. There is a massive public library full of sessions from users across the world.

  • Clubs. You and your club can share sessions with each other, which is perfect for collaboration and feedback.

  • Individual pictures. If you like, you can save just the individual picture and export it on its own.

  • Poses. The players come in different poses based on the action you wish to demonstrate, such as running, striking, and heading.

  • Counters. If you don't wish to use 3D players, you can use counters like a standard tactics board.

There's much more too which I'm sure you'll appreciate. Over the years, I have used many different apps for session planning. Some are just too slow, clunky, restricted, and even buggy. The greatness of Sport Session Planner is self-evident. Have a look and see for yourself.

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