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Manager Movie Motivations

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As a British Football Coach facing the highs and lows thrown my way, there have been times when I need some 'easy watching', for some extra motivation. Here are some of the documentaries and TV series' I've used to get some Do's and many Don'ts back into my head.


Neil Warnock at the helm of Sheffield Utd during the 2004/5 Season. A great behind the scenes insight of some management methodology, and the pressures a manger faces at a professional club. Video by The Blades History.

'The Greatest Manager England Never Had'

Love him or hate him, Brian Clough had his own way of delivering some special memories. Documentary which shares his ability of managing people, dealing with the media and the time he was deemed the best man for the England job. Video by The Football Channel HD.

Graham Taylor - The Impossible Job

The time England failed to reach the 1994 World Cup in the USA. Great footage of a manager and man under enormous pressure. Video By Lurgs youtube channel.

Jack Charlton - The Irish Years

A look over the 10 years Jack Charlton was managing the Rep. Ireland team. Video by Ronan Warfield.

Swindon Town FC - 1993 Now That's Football!

Following Swindon Town in the 1992/93 season and a look at the then, not so glamorous side of the game. Video By Swindon Town FC.

Big Ron Football Manager

TV series of Ron Atkinson diving into the deep end as a 'problem solver'. for different clubs. At times a cringe worthy watch, but amusing and interesting. There's a few episodes so keep an eye out for them all! The different series can be found on youtube channel HBKRichie.

'Class of 92 Out of Their League' - Salford City F.C

Following the Man Utd's 'Class of 92' after taking over local club Salford City. A great look into the off field efforts in developing a football club and also, decisions being made effecting on field actions. There's 2 series' with 2 episodes in each. First video By Dokumattation

Sir Alex Ferguson 'Secrets of Success' Documentary

Detailed documentary on the makeup needed to be a winner. Video By NMFootball.

'There's Only One Barry Fry'

The time when the then Peterborough United Owner Barry Fry, basically did everything. It shows how far his commitment went for the club which at times, may of caused more harm than good. Video by WOODDDDDDDYASOCCER2

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