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Improving; Outside The Comfort Zone

BFCN will be hosting their first Webinar on Sunday, 7th January 2018. The discussion topic will be focused on 'how coaches improve while working outside of their comfort zone'. Although there will be a webinar host, there will be opportunities for Q and A. Viewers will also have the chance to participate with the Webinar's ability to offer the 'spotlight' to the audience while they speak.

Talking points will include;

Being ready for the 'unexpected'

We all have a plan ready in our head, a course of action, a list of what ifs.... we will be looking at Matt Ward's time in Ghana, and how he was 'dealing with the unexpected' from his very first training session.

Complexity of balancing human nature Some decisions have to be made quickly and if they're not the right ones, they have a habbit of coming back to haunt you. Does human nature cloud our decision making process?

When and When Not to have an Ego...

It's easy to know the right thing to do, but sometimes difficult to do the right thing. Coaches have a tricky time trying to keep authority, whilst also accepting help and opinions from others.

Self Belief, but choosing battles wisely

A team's success can often rely on the self belief of its coach. A coach must choose the right moment to strike, or risk being stuck at the start of a long losing battle.

This Webinar is FREE and you can Register Here

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