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Building Your Next Move

Have you ever experienced the difference between trying to get a job when you have a job, against trying to get a job when you don't have a job? Regardless of the industry, it's the latter which tends to be the more difficult and soul destroying.

This goes the same for opportunities. A person who is presented with an opportunity and takes it, are more likely to come across more opportunities created from the original one. Taking an opportunity also puts you in a great position, to then, create your own opportunity. An example of this being;

Coach Z has 4 weeks vacation from their existing job and instead of staying in their room watching Netflix and eating Pringles all month, they have accepted an offer to go and coach on a holiday camp in a different country for 2 weeks. The role is unpaid but includes housing and accommodation with a small weekly allowance. Coach Z took the opportunity and at the end of the 2 weeks, they was offered to come back to the country and work in a professional club's academy when their existing job's contract was over. Coach Z accepted and now they are working in that academy and in their first week, they offered to do video analysis for the senior's reserve team. Now every Saturday, they also work with the Senior's Reserve Team on match day.

- - British Coaches on the move - -

If you are not taking opportunities to create more opportunities, and creating opportunities to take more opportunities, then you may as well sit on your ass watching Netflix all month, eating Pringles.

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