Premium Membership Terms & Conditions
  1. Payments received from the site are all taken via Paypal.  The Paypal link will allow you to also use cards even if you're not a Paypal member.

  2. Monthly payments will be processed within 3 days of being received. Your subscription will start once you receive a 'Premium Membership' welcome email.

  3. For annual subscriptions, these will be billed as one single payment, and the membership will last for a total of 1 year.

  4. If you subscribe before 10/01/18, you will be entitled to the discount on our annual membership.  Your 1 year will start from 10/01/18.

  5. Annual subscription payments will be processed within 3 days of being received. Your subscription will start once you receive a 'Premium Membership' welcome email.

  6. For any delay of processing on the part of BFCN, you will be notified and any missed deals or discounts missed as a result, will be reinstated as normal. 

  7. For monthly subscriptions, your billing cycle will be set to 'auto-renew'.

  8. For annual subscriptions, your billing cycle will  be set to auto-renew. You will be alerted before it expires.

  9. Paypal is used as our financial merchant and through the 'payment' process, they will be responsible for keeping your bank details safe and secure. We do not hold any account details anywhere on our system. We will not be held responsible for bank detail security once Paypal  starts the transaction.

  10. BFCN reserves the right to change subscription prices at any time. Notice is not needed, although all efforts will be made to ensure fair transitions to any changes.


  12. To cancel your monthly subscription you can contact us or you can cancel your direct debit manually (Be aware, your membership will suspend as soon as you cancel your monthly subscription so it's best to cancel it at the end of your monthly pay date).

  13. Annual memberships cannot be refunded.

  14. If the BFCN is sold or changes ownership, effort will be made as much as possible to ensure that prices are kept the same. Although this cannot be guaranteed.

  15. If the BFCN closes for unforeseen circumstances (not by choice of owner), we will do our best to refund subscriptions owed although this cannot be guaranteed.

  16. BFCN holds the right to cancel a membership with no prior notice. In this circumstance, a refund will be issued of days owed from unused membership. A small fee may be charged to you by PayPal for any fees returned.

  17. Members who show disrespect/abuse in any way to either the network staff or members, will have their membership cancelled with no refund given. Evidence of the incident will also be recorded and kept on file.

  18. You will receive notification after any cancellation or refund has been made.

  19. For any other queries regarding payments, please contact us directly.


  21. All offers and discounts will be added at times when they become available. As a member, you will be notified of the length each offer is valid for.

  22. Jobs will be added as they become available. All of our resources will be used to update job opportunities as frequently as possible. BFCN will hold no responsibility for finding a coach successful employment, and such expectation rests solely with the coach themselves.

  23. BFCN offer ongoing support and advisory to our premium members depending on subscription package chosen. 

  24. BFCN will not be held responsible for any actions taken by it's members. Members agree that they are solely responsible for their own actions both  towards themselves and others. Members are free to make their own choices and BFCN accept no responsibilities for the choices made by its members (e,g, Applying and accepting a job/changing jobs/moving abroad etc etc).

  25. Dealings with any of our partners must be conducted between the member and that partner. We will not be responsibility for other parties service, services or ways of working.

  26. For any disputes, please contact us so we can discuss how to resolve any issues. We will do our best to give you the customer service you deserve.

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