For each person you refer to BFCN who subscribes to a Premium Membership, you will receive the following;

  • £1 for every monthly subscriber (ongoing for duration they remain a Premium Member.E.g; 50 Monthly Subscribers = £50 per month until they unsubscribe.

  • £10 for every annual subscriber who signs up. E.g; You refer 50 people, you receive £500.

** Once you refer 3 Annual Subscribers, you get your Annual Membership for FREE.

** When you refer 3 Monthly Subscribers, you get a FREE Monthly Subscription (6 is Two months FREE, 9 is Three months FREE etc etc).

How to refer / Instructions if you've been referred

1. Send your referral to this page (copy and paste page address).

2. Ask them to complete the form on the right side (bottom of mobile) of the page.

3. They should choose the Subscription Option below and make the purchase.

4. They can now register for the Members Forum here and the Premium Area here.

5. You must register each time for both forum and Premium Area.

** All referred subscribers receive 10% discount on Annual Subscriptions or 1 FREE month on Monthly Subscriptions. PLEASE BE AWARE, MONTHLY PAYMENTS ARE SET TO AUTO-RENEWAL.


Referral rewards will be sent at the end of each 30 days dated from the first referral. You will also receive documentation of all your referrals for said time period.

BFCN hold the right to discontinue any referral partnership after a final reward payment has been made.

Please ensure you have read the T&C's

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