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Socker Share for a Good Cause - Nade Ward

'Last year we interviewed Nade Ward who was volunterring in Saint Lucia and now he's set up this superb initiative'...

What is Socker Share? We sell crew socks that make a difference - matching each purchase with a donation of socks to an underprivileged child, so that they can wear football boots without damaging their feet. What inspired you to create this company? In Summer 2019, I took part in a football volunteer project, coaching in Saint Lucia with United Through Sport. At each of my sessions there were kids playing football in bare feet, not because they didn’t have any boots to wear, but because they didn’t have any socks to go with them! This means that even when the charity receives donated football boots, the kids are not always able to use them. It seemed crazy to me that something as small as socks, was creating the biggest barrier as to why these children couldn’t play football safely, so then I returned home, I spoke to my cousin Connor and we made it our mission to change this.

Who are your first charity partners? We are proud to say that United Through Sport are the first charity partners of Socker Share, which means the world to us because they are the reason we started this company in the first place. The children they support are inspirational, they have so much positivity and appreciation for everything and everyone. Whilst I was in Saint Lucia, the level of respect and kindness they showed me was absolutely magical, we know how much this will mean to them and that really excites us. We are supporting their Saint Lucia and Mauritius programmes to start with, meaning these are the two editions of sock which we offer (the flag you buy, represents where your donated socks will go). Where do you see Socker Share going in the future? In terms of growth for us, it is very simple, the more charities we can partner with and the more countries we can support = the more lives we can positively change and provide with the opportunity to play football (any any sport for that matter) in a safe way, to help them learn and develop - that is our purpose.

How can we support? To purchase and donate a pair of socks visit our website You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - @SockerShare. We are building an amazing community of people who strive to make a difference and would love for you to join us!

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