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BFCN Message Board

Twitter falling apart? LinkedIn too self-indulgent? Instagram too vain? Facebook full of older relatives sharing memes?

The BFCN message board provides a place where coaches from around the world can interact for free. You can talk football with people who know football.

Why should you join?

  • It's free. Just like all the other apps and sites, it's free. But you won't be bombarded by ads, and you won't have your data sold to marketing companies.

  • Only coaches use it. You won't be dragged into nonsense discussions by fans.

  • No members are elevated above the others. The replies won't be full of irrelevant Blue Ticks you've never heard of and don't care about.

  • It's only football. You won't get dragged into discussions on politics, vaccine conspiracies, TikTok trends, and all the other rubbish that pollutes your social media feeds.

  • You can network with other coaches directly.

  • You can access it on your desktop, phone, tablet, or via the Wix Spaces app, customising your notifications.

  • Personal profiles. You can add your name, location, qualifications, clubs, and even countries you have worked in. Or, if you don't want to do any of that, you can keep your profile relatively blank.

How do you sign up?

Click here and select the Message Board Only option. You won't have access to the job listings and the discounts, but you'll be able to do everything else. You can join in and start discussions on a whole range of topics, asking questions and sharing tips on coaching, sessions, working abroad, and network with other coaches.


If you're reading this on your mobile, you can click here to get the app. The invite code to join BFCN on Spaces is 60LDVE. Now you can access the message board and use it like you would do any other social media app.

Let's face it. Social media is a great invention, but is regularly used improperly. It's very easy to log on with good intentions, and then very quickly be going down a rabbit hole of hatred, ignorance, misinformation, and idiots arguing. Maybe you watch too many cat videos, maybe you find yourself doom scrolling, maybe you watch one video that you intended to see, and then shortly after find yourself glued to videos of people falling over in public.

Using the BFCN message board enables you to stay on task, remain focussed, and dip in and out, finding what you need, without suffering the brain rot many of our most used apps have become. Talk to other coaches about football, without the algorithm forcing these dopamine sucking distractions in front of your eyes. Much of social media has become loud, obnoxious, mentally draining, full of attention seekers desperately chasing the clout that comes with the latest fads.

What could and should be used as a tool to learn, explore, discover, and connect has become a method for division, ignorance, hatred, and abuse. The BFCN message board provides refuge from the assault on our brains, and allows coaches to expand their horizons.

So come on in. Give it a go. Bring your friends. It's free. We make no money from the message board. We just want somewhere coaches can interact, for free, without distraction. We are by coaches, for coaches.

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