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BFCN Futsal Coaches Community

Would you like a place where you can network for free with other futsal coaches? Somewhere that ideas and sessions can be shared and discussed? Would you like somewhere free from judgement, and without an agenda?

Let us introduce our free futsal coaches community. Just click here. It's on the BFCN messageboard, and is separate to the jobs board. All coaches have to do is register. It will remain free, and not for profit. If nobody is paying to access, nor paying to advertise, then there will be no agendas being pushed, and nothing corporate being forced upon the participants.

Whether you're a BFCN member already or not, the futsal coaches community is completely separate, and this requires a different subscription. Head to plans and pricing, scroll past all the other options, until you reach "Futsal Coaches Community." Once you have subscribed, you will always have access, and will never pay. It will always be free.

We sometimes find that discussions online are often sanitised or self-censored, as coaches and other stakeholders try to navigate what feels like a minefield, attempting to not upset certain powers that be. BFCN is an independent company, not beholden to a national federation. Therefore, coaches from all over the world can share ideas and resources from a whole range of clubs and governing bodies, without fear of conflicting with any narratives. It is a safe, judgement free, online space.

It was created around a month ago, with the idea being to see if it would work smoothly, regarding posts and registration. It looks to be as smooth and effective as the rest of our site, and is also available on our free app too. You can find out more about the app and how to use it here.

Why not just stick to social media? For one thing, Twitter has become a bit of a cesspool. From Crypto bros, OnlyFans girls, and all kinds of bots, it's now hard to have any kind of constructive discussion without endless annoyances and other unwanted distractions. This is a place free from that noise, where coaches can talk futsal without prying eyes, and without their DMs being bombarded by unsolicited guests.

Discuss, network, share, ask for ideas, learn from others. It's all free, and it's open to you.

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