Football DNA is an professional online platform (www.footballdna.co.uk) for coaches and players to access hundreds of videos and pieces of content from professional coaches in the game for all ages and abilities. The website was set up in 2018 and has hundreds of members across the world accessing this top quality content. It covers everything a coach or player needs to develop including sport science, nutrition and an individual skills program. The key base for the website is providing coaches with a resource to Watch, Use & Adapt with their players! However we don’t just focus on coaching, the players development also plays a huge part on the platform. 


How does it support Coaches?


Coaches are always in need of support to provide top quality coaching sessions to their teams. As a coach it can be challenging to create new practices and sessions each time before they head onto the training pitch. With over 500 practices and sessions on footballdna.co.uk we take this stress away from the coach and provide them with what they are looking for. The practices are also on video which helps coaches understand the practice and highlight the key coaching points they need to deliver to the players. Further to this we have a coach education section where we have professional coaches sharing their knowledge and advice on topics where coaches might need some guidance. We also have full season curriculum plans for each age group too!